Welcome to South Carolina’s mural town , Saint George , the town of friendly people . We start by checking out the locomotive that has just pulled up to  Mystik gas station enjoy the mural we like to call Train A Coming! located at the intersection of Hwy 78 and 15 right in the middle of town . Enjoy service with a smile at as close to a full service station as you will find now a days , and they there suppose to have coldest beer in town in their beer cave .

    When you leave there don’t just rush out of town , stop over at the Klauber building intersection on 15 s. ( Tri County Chamber Of Commerce ) . Over in the court yard will be what we call  BACK IN TIME a quiet place to set on the bench and read the Eagle Record , our town paper . Now that you’ve been enjoying your time here. Be sure to take your picture with the alligator  and the deer as you experience our mural we call THE EDISTO . See if you can find all the little critters , maybe you’ll find my favorite ones , hiding in a tree , you might even experience the softness of the ducklings , I think their cute ! Look for the little fox and rabbit . Take your time there to enjoy the adventures of the Edisto river , you might even see the big buck , he likes to hang out there , and the egret , keep looking i’m sure you’ll see others like the turtles , Many people came by as we were painting this mural and related stories about swinging off the rope swing right into the Edisto, I could tell they enjoyed the

memories. If you keep looking you may even find the crawfish and other little critters . Many of my friends tell me the mural would not be complete without the color purple , And of course an Iris , I think they are right ! Beach will be our next stop painted on the side of the Flower Shop , two sisters will meet you there with , you guessed it , smiles ! Take home a nice fresh bouquet . Now if you want to enjoy shopping for that unusual gift that will put a smile on the person you buy it for, you will want to stop by the 4 SISTERES . Be sure to catch their smile as they ride the merry go round . Now we are off on a Safari , Personalize It will be the the place to find that unique , personalized , monogramed gift that will generate a smile on any one! I love their theme , you’ll see ! We really enjoyed this next mural the challenge was to create an illusion of the Saint George tennis players being on Daniel Island or Wild Dunes as they looked out over the ocean seeing the shrimp trawler as well as the dolphins playing . We really enjoyed the excitement of everyone as they came to play tennis . How many people get to hang laundry out on the main street of town  , We did just that in our mural “Windy Wash Day’’ Reeves Laundromat, Brian asked for that old time quilt where no two are alike you will find it when you look , and I just had to hang bloomers , that was just fun ! Were working on the front now come by and see!  I can’t say enough about the friendliest man I’ve met in Saint George and that would be Captain Kirk the barber right next door who  always had ice cold water for us , and shared his love of helping others keep their hair beautiful! Do stop by and see Shirley at Saint George Florist , she will be there creating works of art with flowers and ribbons , be sure and look at the flower pots  in her mural . If your on your way out of town on hwy 15 mural on Badham Chef . Have you enjoyed your time here in our town , Steve and I ( Virginia ) would like to invite you to stop by and say hi ! We are right out side Saint George SC . on Hwy 78 going towards Branchville SC . Some would say just look for the “ Swamp scene’’ on your right . we will be there !  We look forward to seeing you .   Now that you know where we are at , hurray back , remember to send everyone you want to give a smile to , our way , to our town Saint George SC . By the way , Reevesville SC. is our town too . We live there. Were glad you enjoyed our love of art . We enjoyed spending time with you !

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